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Visit India for Museums

Museums are the storehouse of the historical, scientific, artistic and cultural treasures. The conservation of the valuables is indispensable for the knowledge of the heritage. The items at display are much beyond mere antique pieces; they are the masterpieces of the artists, the storytellers of our history and clues to many mysteries.

Visit India, the country with rich past of several thousands of years, has several museums with amazing collections. The range of the items on display is phenomenal. Right from the excavated objects, fossils of plants and animals, rock paintings to items in iron, bronze, gold; palaeo-botanical remains and archaeological remains, the museums house a great cultural heritage.

Next time you need to break free from the fast paced life and would like to travel back in time visit India and its Museums, the focal points of the heritage conservation that are located in different cities of India.

Visit India for Museums - Mumbai

The marine town of Mumbai boasts of the Taraporewala Aquarium, along the Marine drive. The museum can be visited to view the beautiful marine life comprising of some rare species of fish and wonderful pearl jewelry. The fashion capital of the country has a unique center for the artists too at the Jehangir Art Gallery. The exhibition halls, built in 1952 have displayed the works of several renowned artists. Adjoining the art gallery is the Prince of Wales Museum. The splendid building reminds the people of the colonial rulers. George V laid its foundation stone in 1905. The same architect, George Wittet, developed the other tourist attraction of the town Gateway of India besides the museum. An insight into the history of the capital of Maharashtra can be enjoyed at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is also known as the Veermata Jeejamata museum and includes exhibits pertaining to the past glory of the city.

Visit India for Museums - Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad houses the most popular textiles museum in India, the Calico Museum. The exhibits range from the traditional fabrics in costumes to wall hangings revealing the various weaving techniques followed by the weavers. The Ambawadi museum happens to be another museum attracting tourists to the town. The creations and collection of eminent painter and kite collector Bhanu Shah can be appreciated by having a look at the tremendous 1200 kites in various sizes and materials at the museum named after the kite lover.

Visit India for Museums - Kolkata

In repository of the largest museum objects in India is located at the Indian Museum in Kolkata. Run by the department of culture, Government of India, the museum is the institution concentrates on preservation, photography, presentation, modelling, education and library. The other remarkable tourist place in the town happens to be the Victoria Memorial Hall. The premium museum that houses pictures and statues of the famous people who brought pride to India and Kolkata in particular was thrown open to public in 1921. The Nehru Children Museum adopts distinct ways to impart education to children. The museum happens to be a project of the Natural Cultural Association that indulges in a range of social activities. The Asiatic Society instituted in Bengal way back in 1784 is a storehouse for the history, antiquities, arts, sciences and literature of Asia and a must visit for the travellers to the capital city of Bengal.

Visit India for Museums - Darjeeling

In the hill station of Darjeeling besides the natural beauty we have a range of museums like the Assam State museum, Anthropological museum, science museum and planetarium. The extensive archaeological collection and the regional sculptures in stone, wood, metal and terracotta are sure to spellbind the visitors to the Assam State Museum. The Anthropological Museum on the other hand, houses an ethnological collection of the various branches of anthropology and is associated with Department of Anthropology, Guwahati University. The Science Museum and the Planetarium are amongst the other places of interest for the travellers with the scientific bent of mind.

Visit India for Museums - Delhi

The capital city of Delhi has several remarkable museums. The exhibits at the National Museum comprise of outstanding sculptures and paintings. The Nehru Museum can be visited to get an insight into the independence movement of the country. The look at the collection of the 6000 dolls at the International Dolls Museums is something that promises to be popular with all ages. For the train lovers Delhi offers the Rail Museum. The Rail Transport Museum has locomotives and carriages on display that narrate the history of the Indian Railways. For the kids the trip aboard the toy train is a must.

Visit India for Museums - Sarnath

In the sacred city of Sarnath in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh stands the Sarnath Archaeological Museum. Amongst the exhibits at the museum are the figures and sculptures that date back to the Mauryan, Kushan and Gupta period of Sarnath. While holidaying in Sarnath you must not miss the Ashokan Pillar, the prime attraction of the archeological museum.

Visit India for Museums - Nalanda

The archaeological museum at Nalanda in Bihar is a storehouse of the excavations from Nalanda and Rajgir. The exhibits at the museum include sculptures and various other archaeological remains.

Visit India for Museums - Rajasthan

The Royal Indian state of Rajasthan is dotted with many marvelous museums. Amongst the oldest museums is the Government Central Museum or the Albert Hall. Located in the Ran Niwas Bagh of Jaipur the museum boasts of antique exhibits. The museum has items in Metal, Wood and Pottery. The captivating carpets and the pulsating painting attract several tourists to the museum.

Visit India for Museums - himachal Pradesh

The hilly Indian state of Himachal Pradesh houses the Kangra Art Gallery. The museum is renowned for its collection of sculptures, pottery and anthropological items. Amongst the must checkouts at the museum are the artifacts that date back to the fifth century.

Visit India for Museums - Tamil Nadu

Down south you may enjoy your museum holiday of India at the Thanjavur Art Gallery of Tamil Nadu. The palace that houses the museum is an architectural marvel in itself. The spectacular south Indian stone sculptures are sure to sweep you off your feet. The exhibits in the art gallery date back to the Pallava and the Nayak period.

To get a better feel of our cultural treasures a visit India 's museums for a holiday is a sure shot unique and fun experience.